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Image by Herry Sutanto




At Concierge Yacht Consignment we appreciate how busy life can be for existing and potential yacht owners and that is why we take care of everything for you for a single fee. Our services are of the highest quality offering you a premier level of service in the transportation of your yacht.


No single yacht delivery is the same, which is why CYC offer a bespoke service will be uniquely tailored for you and your yacht.


In addition to using the most reliable lorries and trailers we take care of all European and World documentation that may be required in the transportation of your yacht. Ensuring your yacht is transported reliably on time and delivered without any delays.

And for yacht, superyacht and boat transportation services further afield, CYC offer a Deep Water Shipping solution. Allowing your yacht to be transported as deck cargo from and to any deep water port in the World. So if that yacht in Florida has caught your eye and your re-locating to Dubai or your yacht is nearing completion in Italy and you’re planning to use it in Melbourne, leave it to CYC for the best yacht transportation and delivery services across the globe 


As part of our ‘Concierge’ service we will provide you with regular updates of your yacht progress during its journey.


After any road trip a yacht never looks its best, so at CYC we offer an inclusive valet service to ensure that your yacht looks pristine inside and out.

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